Web Control 10 Visible Issue

I am creating a blog and there is a webpage which only shows 10 controls and it should show all of the controls.

Here is what the webpage looks like in the IDE which is expected:

Here is what the webpage looks like in chrome or internet explorer with controls not visible (month, year, etc) :

Controls up to #10 are shown, but controls from #11 to the last control are not visible:

If I switch the control order, only the first controls up to #10 are shown and no controls are visible from #11 to the last control.

Does anyone have a suggestion for something I am missing? This is on Windows 8.1, Xojo 2014 r2.1.

Thank you

Are your controls overlapping? Is there visibility property set to true in the IDE?

Hi Brock,

Thanks for the reply. A long flight up north gave me a chance to review my code and I found the answer… albeit I am a little confused…

The main webpage calls the second webpage from a label to add data in the database on a second webpage (which has the screenshots from above). The first webpage uses container controls and I didnt destroy the container control objects from the first page which caused limited controls (not container controls) to be shown on the second webpage.

Weird …

The good news is that it is working as expected, and I had to destroy the first page container controls.

Thanks for your help, and it seems to be working well.