Web Container in Web Container - WebContainer2 set WebContainer1 WebButton visibility

I have a WebPage - WebPage1 - that has two separate Web Containers each of which perform certain work. WebContainer1 is the main web container that appears inside WebPage1 and WebContainer2 is dragged into WebContainer1 becoming WebContainer2_1. This works well to keep WebContainer2_1 centered depending on WebContainer1

WebContainer1 has a WebButton - WebButton1 - that is not visible when WebContainer1 is shown. WebContainer2_1 has a file upload capability. Text in this area describes to the user to either click or drag a file into it. When the file type is correct I need WebButton1 to become visible. When the file type is not correct a MsgBoxDialog is displayed. This all works well.

I cannot figure out how to make WebButton1 visible after the method inside WebContainer2_1 were successful. I have attempted several different ways such as an instance of WebContainer1 inside WebContainer2_1

What am I missing that prevents WebButton1 from being set to visible from the method inside WebContainer2_1

To simplify I calculated where Left should be and placed all WebButtons and Methods in WebContainer1 and never included WebContainer2.

Basically what I had were two separate WebContainers that worked fine as they existed and were called on with separate actions. From a User perspective having the two WebContainers work together was preferable as one led into the other.

So if anyone takes a look at this is it that there is no way to enable the functionality I was seeking to do?