Web Combo-Box

I’m wondering if my plan is a good one. I need a “Combo Box” in a Web App. I want to give users a popup of “choices” but also allow them to type in whatever they want. I lamented that the popup menu control doesn’t support this…however…a “Combo” box is…more or less a combination of Textbox and Popup Menu. So…I can place a web pop-up menu on the app…and obscure part of the control with a web textarea (Exposing only the little arrows of the pop-up control) or just resize the web popup until control until there’s nothing left but the arrows. Then in the selection changed event of the pop-up…I just set the text value of the text area. Is this how people are implementing a “Combo Box” in a web app? Any perls of wisdom?

Use the TextArea and PopupMenu controls in a WebContainer. All the logic is then in the WebContainer and you use it as a ComboBox wherever you want. I would even go so far as to mimic the API of the desktop version to make it familiar.

You may want to simply use a Contextual menu displayed from a WebTextField. It is less cumbersome than stacking two controls.

Take a look at this example: