web capture, simulate a button clic

Hi everyone,

I want to start a project, where I need to capture some datas that are on an internal enterprise web site.
I can’t get the datas by exporting from the server, there is no such function available.
I tried with an html viewer, and I can access to the list of datas I need.
capturing the datas coming into the htmlviewer, I think I can handle it

but is it possible to simulate the clic of the “next” button inside the htmlviewer on the page using xojo ?


You can use javascript to trigger button click event, or if it’s AJAX-based website, you can fetch the URL and create new AJAX request.

is there any example somewhere, as my writing of javascript is rather not efficient … :wink:

Check this


may I ask another question ?
do you have an example how to send a javascript command to an htmlviewer in xojo ?
many thanks anyway.


It’s easy to send Javascript in, it’s getting results out that’s the tricky part.

just found it - I should search before asking !

I’ve no result to get, only it loads the next page of the list of datas so it’s ok for me.

still another question :
is it possible to intercept a javascript that ask for a file upload ?
the underlying framework is nuxeo : https://www.nuxeo.com
there is a method to upload a batch of files, but the maintainers do not want to develop it
so I have to upload a bunch of files, clic on buttons to validate, fill texts in existing web pages
all with xojo and an htmlviewer
do you think it is possible ?

I have no idea. I need to look into the webpage and figure it out how to intercept the script.