Web Canvas Question

Anybody know the trick to make a web canvas visible and display it’s paint events?

I have a web canvas in a container control that displays an image on the paint event. If the default ContainerControl1.Visible property is True, everything works fine.

If I set the default ContainerControl.Visible property to False on startup and use a button to set ContainerControl1.visible = true, it refuses to display the image.

The code of the canvas Paint event is:

g.DrawPicture(MyPicture, 0, 0)

I have tried every permutation of the following lines of code and it still won’t display (I’m using Xojo 2016 R2). If I check the visible property of the canvas, it indicates that it is visible, but it’s like the Paint event isn’t occurring or something.

ContainerControl1.visible = true ContainerControl1.Canvas1.invalidate(false) ContainerControl1Canvas1.Refresh