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Looking for suggestions on the best way to integrate a web based (using Web 1.0) calendar into my Xojo web solution.

I’m aware of two - Jeremie Leroys Web Calendar view and the calendar in the GraffitiSuite Web edition.

Given the recent forums postings about problems with Jeremie’s customer service levels and problems resolving issues then I am reluctant to invest in his solution. Problem with the GraffitiSuite is I only really need the Calendar module and not the rest of the tools it comes with (although they are very good and would be useful in the future I just don’t have the funds to invest in the whole package right now).

So are there other options - has any one integrated FullCalendar into a Xojo web app - is this documented anywhere?

Any help appreciated.

maybe you can copy something from the desktop example custom controls calendar window. i guess the other thirdparty Calendars mix some Container Controls.

A link to FullCalendar would be helpful.


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Sorry which example is this - I found one for a date picker but didn’t see one for a full calendar.

i mean this, your calendar view “just” display appointments at each day instead of the button 1-31.

This is really great stuff here.

Yes it is very capable - I just hoped someone had experience of integrating this into a Xojo project.

Not really - I need the functionality like drag and drop to reorganise. FullCalendar is extremely capable.

I’ve used this with Web framework 1 https://www.jeremieleroy.com/products/calendarview.php
Not tried it in 2 yet

Pretty straight forward to be honest. I’ve not needed support so can’t comment on that

From the original post:

GraffitiWebCalendar uses FullCalendar in Web 1.0, and provides access to most features and views.

I assumed as much given your desktop suite uses it for its calendar view - I hoped there was someone who had integrated it and could offer it as a standalone module for a fair price. Unfortunately I can’t afford the full web version of Graffitisuite having recently purchased the Omegabundle to get some other tools I needed.

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there are 2 examples at Web / Drag & Drop