Web Calendar Pop Up Picker

I could not find a calendar pop up for Web. We mucked about with a jquery tool but could’t quite get what we wanted : so I wrote it in 100% Xojo.

I find the code rather ugly and know that there must be a way to improve it. To that end I would love some constructive criticism.

Feel free to take it use it manipulate it. Use it any way you like. I make no claims on any of it.





Cool stuff!
Since I did one, too, I’ll add it just to this thread :slight_smile: Choice is always good! Get it here: https://github.com/alexvonsiebenthal/DateAndTimePickerWeb
Disclaimer: Although it is more or less proper code, it was done in a rush. Name of weekdays and months are hard coded (but easy to change).

[h]Date and time picker for Xojo Web[/h]
Very easy to add to your projects since it uses AddHandler. Just set up a date property and a callback function (if you like, optional). Then call one of the pickers, eg.:

DIM picker AS NEW sheetDatePicker picker.LoadDate(myDateProperty, AddressOf myCallbackFunction) picker.Show

The date property will be changed and the callback function will be called once the pickers are closed (thus, async).

[h]Example screenshot[/h]

@Jay Menna
No connection to your server for seeing it running.

Web calendar…both US and European at XDS :slight_smile:

Hello Jay,

Any chance to put the url`s back and the project on the git ? it seems that the links are not working anymore .

Thanks .

Been backpacking…sorry for slow.


I am using Alex von Siebenthal’s codes, downloaded from https://github.com/alexvonsiebenthal/DateAndTimePickerWeb, and it’s working very well. As you may already know, any year that is divisible with 400 is not a leap year, and I have added this in my copy of the codes. Thank you Alex for sharing your well-written codes. -Simon in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee.

Correction: any year that is divisible with 100 is not a leap year, with the exception when it is divisible by 400. Examples: 1900, 2100, and 2200 are not leap years, but 2000 is.