Web buttons change shape

During development of my web app, I have noticed that web buttons start off nice and capsule shaped when they are dragged from the library. During a debug run they loose their nice capsule shape and become squarer. If you add a style to the button, it becomes rectangular once you run the app. Is this a bug?

The shape of buttons generally depends on the OS and browser you’re viewing the web app on as by default buttons are “native”.

To get the same shape on every browser, make sure the style you’re using for the button has a gradient background, even if both colours are the same to get a flat look, this will force the button to be drawn as you want it rather than take on defaults from the browser.

When you do this the borders and corners you’ve set will also be honoured.

Im doing the development on a Mac. The style has a gradient, but it makes no difference and doesn’t improve or restore the shape of the button(s)

On Safari and Chrome, as soon as you put a color on a button, it becomes rectangular. To restore the round corners, add that to the button style.

Damn! it works. Thanks Mitch Boo