Hi, Good day. I have a question. is that any possibility to create a web base application and this web base application is link to few controller thru modbus TCP/ip locally and able to remote con trol and monitor thru internet…Please advice how to do this. Thank you very much

Sure it’s possible but are you convinced that web will be able to be failsafe ? SCADA is a system that must run most of the times, an error would be a problem for an industrial application.

Can We build a desktop SCADA application to control locally and a web based client application to control or monitor the desktop app?

Any web application can communicate with a desktop application. So it should be possible.

But SCADA is a HMI system and you probably mean to implement your own HMI system.
You could make any such system as it’s actually not more than a system that communicates with TCP/IP or Serial RS232.

IPCSocket can communicate with 2 applications (any web, console or desktop) on the same computer. TCP/IP or UDP can communicate on computers via the internet or lan.

So the answer woul be yes it can.

Personally, I’d just save the time, effort and aggravation, and buy an existing inexpensive hardware product that already does this, such as a Red Lion Datastation+
I imagine there are other similar products, but this is the one I’m familiar with. It can interface to numerous industrial automation protocols, including all of the different flavours of Modbus, and has a built in webpage server that you can completely customize with controls and status displays.
(Hope it’s okay to plug an outside product. I’m not affiliated with the company, but I’ve used the product on many jobs.)