Web Application : Run > %22http//"

I’ve been away for a few years, not used Xojo Desktop since 2018. Anyway, I have a Pro licence for 2018r2. So I’m looking at web development and am following the tutorial. When clicking the ‘Run’ command from IDE, it pastes the following in the address bar of Microsoft Edge, %22http and the visible entry is %22http//" I get the message “Hmmm can’t reach this page”. I can manually remove the nonsense characters and clearly see the web page I wanted run. Is there something that I am doing wrong?

I know my licence is old, but I don’t recall this issue when I last dabbled 5 or 6 years ago. I’m in the process of checking out Web Development again before I commit to an up to date licence.

I would suggest you download the latest version to test on. That license is before bootstrap was employed.

This was fixed in 2020 sometime, if I remember correctly. There were a number of threads about it around that time, and a workaround using RegEdit. I don’t recommend using the RegEdit workaround, rather update your version of Xojo if you are able.

Here’s a post from @JulianS explaining the issue.

Ok, I’ll download the latest and take things from there. Thanks for the responses.

You could just enter the url into the browser yourself too, just without the quotes and the leading %22.

Yeah, I mentioned that’s what I was doing.

Odd that it is %22 on one end and a quote on the other. That suggests that the first is a normal straight quote char (html " %22 " etc). The fact that the other isn’t showing that way means that it it a bendy quote, ie a 66 or 99 style quote. That lack of balance is likely some cause of an issue.