Web App

I notice my App do break most time i run it, what can i do to avoid this occurrence?

Having a textfield1 on window1 and textfield2 on window2. i want the text in field1 to show in field2 end.
On my button,i have this code
Dim t as string
t = texfield1.text
textfield1.text = textfield2.text

i want the end user to only type phone no on phone field and mail on the mail field. How can i prevent user just typing any form of text on those field?

To answer this, we need more informations. When breakes the app? In which case? Whats the code, that let your break?

You can use a Number-Textfield-Control. There is also an email-taxtfiel-control.

Thanks @ Lars Lehmann. i notice when i run the App most times,it comes with the right functions as coded and at times i get different functions different from expected functions. That is what i meant saying the APP do break.

i used phone field yet i can type inn any form of text

Phone fields are tricky. They’re only “obeyed” by certain browsers (usually mobile ones) and the only restriction that is made is to change the type of keyboard that is available when it has focus. For instance, on an iPhone or Android Phone, setting a field to “Phone” will show the numeric keypad on screen, but it doesn’t prevent you from pasting in text from another location which includes letters.