Web App Test Run quits running after less than a minute

I’m testing out doing REST apis and have followed through the video tutorial and now I’m on my own.

I started a new web app project, and created App Event HandleUrl with the following very basic code and while testing it the test app just quits running with no errors, similar to me when I pressed “Stop”. The IDE is fine and responsive and I can hit Run again and it’ll repeat the running and then closing on its own.

[code] Select Case Request.Path
Case “search” // http://url.com/search
Return True

End Select[/code]

I’m just connecting to it via http://localhost:8080/search?query=something&query2=something%20else and testing the different combination of QueryStrings and all of a sudden it stops accepting my get requests after about 9 requests/queries, around 30-40 seconds in. It doesn’t seem to stop when i submit no queries.

I haven’t seem a feedback case for this yet and search hasn’t returned anything so maybe its localized. Has anyone else come across this?

Mac OS X El Capitan
plenty of HD space
Xojo 2015r3.1

Here is a video of it.

Summary: It starts off running a loop of a curl with a query and without. I then start the Test Run of the App, switching back to the console curl loop. Nothing happens for ~20 seconds. I switch to the browser and run an empty query. I then switch back to Xojo then the console curl loop. Within a few seconds you can see the app just stop. No errors, switching to the data profile.

The app has no active sessions ?
If this is a web app without active sessions it auto quits after a period
And I’m not sure that handle special url etc count towards the active sessions

@Norman Palardy has hit the nail on the head. At ~27s on your video you switch to the browser and disconnect the only active session by reusing the tab. If you use a new tab instead the app will keep running. If you compiled the app for standalone this wouldn’t happen. The timeout is short on purpose for debugging web apps.

Ok excellent! Thank you both for the quick replies.