Web App Tabstops

Is it possible to remove the tabstop on an individual field in a Web App?

I have a text field that I don’t normally want to update unless it is explicitly selected with the mouse.

You could use the GotFocus event to set focus to another field.

I do want to allow clicking in the field with a mouse to change the contents so somehow I would need to detect that the GotFocus happened due to a mouse click. Some flag set on a mouse event could probably be detected that would be different from pressing the tab key.

I have considered one other “trick” to add a check box beside the field. Unless the checkbox was TRUE then when the field detected GotFocus it would move to the next field or simply be disabled. If you clicked the CheckBox to TRUE it would then set the focus to the desired field and allow a change. Both of these are a bit “non standard” when compared to a desktop app behavior.

I was just hoping that there was a some other little trick to not make it a TabStop like a desktop app.

Just to see if it would work I played with different values (zero and negative 1) in the tab sequence value but that only put it at the end of the sequence.

Ahhhh as with many things “The apparent hard task turns out easy and the simple turns out hard”.

You could set the field to read-only.