Web App Slow in Chrome

Has anyone else noticed that their web app runs significantly slower in Google Chrome than it does in Firefox? I have yet to test other browsers, but this is consistent across MacOS and Windows machines.

It’s very frustrating because I can’t seem to capture KeyPressed events consistently on Firefox, but the app runs like molasses in Chrome.

Is there some sort of optimization I’m missing? The noticeable slowdowns are during HTTP calls. I have updated the calls to use the brand new URLConnection (although this behavior was present using Xojo.Net.HTTPSSocket). Inspecting the responses in Chrome shows that GZip is being used, so I’m a little lost here.


We have found that turning off the Save Passwords features in Chrome it significantly increases speed of page loading. We recommend doing so in all browsers that are accessing Xojo Web Apps.

Feedback Case #51073

I went ahead and turned this off as well as all extensions on the browsers, the behavior persists

Unfortunately, that feedback case was closed a while ago because no one provided further information. I wanted to see if anyone has seen this behavior as well or if I should be looking at my code in general.