Web app shutdown messages ("copying shared history" etc.)

I just noticed in the Mac terminal that if I terminate a web app (and probably console apps) by hitting Control-C, there is a quick sequence of messages displayed when the app shuts down:

Saving session…
…copying shared history…
…saving history…truncating history files…

These messages seem to be from MacOS’ terminal app and NOT from the Xojo-compiled app, but I may get some questions from my users about those messages, and I’d like to be able to alleviate any concerns they might have about what is in the “shared history” and where and why it is being copied.

Two questions:

  1. Does anyone know of anything that could be done to the Xojo web/console app to prevent those messages from appearing?
  2. Can anyone provide a simple explanation (or a link to one) explaining what “session” and “shared history” it is specifically referring to? I suspect one of them is the text of the terminal window, but definitive answers of what they both are would really help.


P.S. I’m asking in the Xojo forum because the messages are visible to (and therefore raise questions from) end-users of apps created/compiled with Xojo. I know that the messages are not being generated by Xojo or the web app.

From a quick search:

  1. no, as this is from macOS terminal
  2. here are a couple of links:
    macos - Strange output from terminal `exit` command is this a virus? - Super User
    macos - How can I disable Bash sessions in OS X El Capitan - Stack Overflow

hope this helps.

My opinion is that these messages refer to the history of the Terminal window. When you open Terminal the next time, you may press the up arrow and get the commands you previously entered, indicating they were saved.
I’d think most users wouldn’t expect you to give more internal details in this case.

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