Web app showing a blank page

I’m experiencing a really strange problem on my web app, when I load it on my server.
Sometimes, in a random way, when i access it I don’t see the default web page, but a blank page.
It seems like the default page closing itself at start time, but I have no close commands on my app…
Maybe someone have experienced this strange problem, or could someone suggest me a way to debug what’s going on?
It drives me crazy, once started it can take hours to show the problem, and when it happens the only way to solve is killing the instance and start again…
Xojo version 2023 1.1, running on a Debian 11 server

When this issue happens, can you check what’s the CPU and Memory usage on that server? Also, if you open the Browser Developer Tools (for example on Chrome), do you see any error in the Console tab?

Hi Ricardo,
Thanks for the quick reply.
I have checked the console and I didn’t see any error, but I will check better the next time.
Looking at the page source, I can see an empty element with id “XojoPages”, the same result that I can obtain putting a button on the default page that closes the page itself. But again I will check better next time it happens.
We will also check CPU and Memory usage and let you know!

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How have you configured your server?

Is your app running into a runtime exception?
Is your app crashing?

There are things Lifeboat does for Linux servers to keep Xojo Web apps running smoothly that are not documented by Xojo. If you have not deployed with Lifeboat or Xojo Cloud, you are responsible for setting up your Linux server and that opens a whole pandoras box of debugging.

Hi Tim

I don’t see runtime exceptions
The app is not crashing, since what I see is a blank page, but created by Xojo.
We are looking about Lifeboat, thank you!

Well Tim,
we are looking at Lifeboat and must say that we are really impressed by the easy it makes everything deploying web apps, we are going to get a license of it!