web app server help


I have a desktop app and decided I wanted to make a web app for the desktop app and use it as a web server. I have built everything and it all works well.

My issue is. I do not want to run the web app on a server. What I would like to do is Compile my desktop app with the web app as part of it, and on the Desktop app have the option to activate the Web app or not with out having a terminal window Open.

Is this possible? I have read the forms and searched for a few days for the info, but I have not come across anything.

Any help would be appreciated!!



You could do this with the Shell class. You’ll need to package that web app somewhere your desktop app can find it. And you’ll need to familiarize yourself with how the Shell class works and some basic terminal commands. Issues to consider will be what you want that web app to do when your desktop app goes away.

In addition to Brads comment, if your desktop app runs on Windows then you could use MoleBox to package it all up into one Exe giving the impression that it is all one app to the end user.

Thanks guys.

My app is only for mac os. I figure if the desktop app closes, then i will also close the web app. Do i want to look into the shell class for the bundling of the 2 apps, or just for starting the web app behind the scenes??

Use Shell for starting and stopping the web app behind the scenes. Maybe stick the web app in your main app’s bundle or in a folder next to it. If you have to code sign, like for MAS, there are more details you’ll need to look into.

Ill give it a shot today.

Thanks Brad