Web app running slow in Firefox

My webapp (standalone, running on Ubuntu 14.04, compiled with Xojo 2016r1.1, over https) runs fine under Safari and Google chrome. With Firefox (v.47 or any other version) however it is dog slow. Pulling a recordset from Postgres, displaying it in a weblistbox (setting some cells styles) and finally tucking some small objects into row tags takes a second with Safari and more than 10 with Firefox. Usually the “a script has stopped working”-dialog pops up (which I can click away and the page will eventually load).

Some debugging revealed that the actual code does in fact execute fast under Firefox as well, but once it is finished (verified that by hitting step into in the debugger and no more code was displayed) Firefox “hangs” (displays pizza) for quite some time before it finally displays the page.

Am I the only one seeing this? What could be causing this?

tia, Max

This can of thing can happen when JavaScript code gets into an endless loop. Any special script ?

Not that I know of. And that wouldn’t be a Firefox only problem, would it?

Shooting in the dark.

If that was a Javascript thing, you would have more information in the Developer’s tools JavaScript Console.

Certainly could be. Every browser has their own JavaScript/css/DOM engine, so it’s entirely possible that you found a bug.

Ah, now we are getting somewhere. Firefox offers me to debug the script Which in turn is over 8000 lines of javascript code. Should I file a bug report and include the script?

No. That’s the Xojo web framework and we have that.