Web App Opening Very Slow. Upwards of 5 seconds

Hey all,

I have been working on this Web App for a little bit, and it’s worked well for a while. I got it moved over to 2021r1, and have seen a good bit of improvements due to the upgrade! The only weird thing is that now it takes 5 or more seconds to load my default page. During this time it’s a blank screen, but the browser is no longer loading. It then loads fine, and every other page is great. It’s only the first load and a refresh that take forever. Any thoughts on what it could be? My app opening is just registering the MBS plugins, and the opening of the session sets a few variables and then does an initial connect to the database. Getting rid of the connection to the database doesn’t change anything either. This has been on the Xojo Cloud the whole time.

Any ideas on what this could be? If I can’t fix this, is there a way I can add a loading screen?


Could you please post the URL? I would like to see this happening.

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The url it’s on is cjtest.xojocloud.net.

Okay. I will contact you privately in case you don’t want to share a login in the forum. I’d like to see the speed in my browser.

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Looks like it was just some kind of slowdown on the Xojo Cloud server. I finally just restarted the server and it loads a ton faster now.

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