Web app on iPhone and iPad


I developed a web app and I run it on iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, while writing to textfields, for example, the app becomes quite slow. Filling a textfield goes with momentary breaks. Is there a reason why this is so, and is there a solution to this?

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Mobile browsers are way slower than desktop ones. But I never experienced what you describe. Would you have a lot of things happening in the TextChanged or Keypressed events that could explain ?

No, nothing happens in those events. But I remember now that there is a timer which refreshes every 10 seconds a list. This is perhaps the cause of it.

I usually avoid WebTimers. They tend to interfere with the UI. Most notoriously with PopupMenu for which a feedback is pending, but they could indeed do other things.

I prefer to use good old server-side Timer, or sometimes JavaScript SetTimeOut() and SetInterval().

Do you think that a thread would be better than a timer? I would run the thread at the beginning of the session, and cause it to sleep every 60 seconds. This would have the same effect as a web timer with intervals of 60 seconds.

A good old server-side Timer would require less resources than a thread, I think. Insert a class, make its super Timer, and drag an instance onto the WebPage. Or create it in code.