Web App Offline

Hi everyone, I finished writing my first Web App, and I am very happy because everything works fine (it is a quite simple application, but it’s important for me).
The problem I have is this: if the app is called by the browser of two computers when one of them close the app, on the other computer the app goes offline.
I don’t know how to solve this problem: I hope somebody can explain me what I have to do to avoid this situation.

Thank you very much.


Another question: in a desktop app, when the last window is closed, I send “App.Quit” to stop the App. What have I to do in a Web Application?

a web app must stay in an infinite loop.
if you quit the web app, it is not online anymore for the other users.

Thank you, Jean-Yves. So in a web app I never have to quit; I can close the page, but not quit. Am I right?

you don’t have to quit, and you have to be sure the app is in a perpetual loop, or it will end itself.

Ok, thank you so much!!