Web App object persistence

I am porting a desktop app to Xojo Cloud / Web.

Right now my understanding is that the Web App object is always running, unless it shuts down (e.g. executes a “quit” instruction). Then it resurrects itself automagically (relaunches) and runs again.

Sessions are built on top of the App. They run in response to a request for a session and a web page. They can close. And you do not need a session running for the App object to be able to communicate e.g. via the handleSpecialURL event.

Is this correct ? Does the App object automagically relaiunch after quit ?

It does if you’re running in cgi mode. If your app is standalone, you’ll need some other mechanism to start it again.

That said, most people that I’ve seen running standalone apps don’t rely on the app quitting for any reason. Just be careful about allocating objects and that they don’t leak and you’ll be fine.

Thank you Greg.