Web app non starter?

Hi there

Be bought a Xojo Pro licence a while ago, and trying to get to grips with it.

Is the following possible in Xojo as a web app?

Click button to open file dialog box to choose a CSV or XLS file on the local computer

Read said file into a ListBox or third party grid control

Rejig the contents of the file, then output to a user editable Word document or similar?

I need to know if this is viable in Xojo, or if we should look for a different dev tool?

Many thanks,

Definitely possible. The MBS plugin can modify or generate Word documents: Monkeybread Xojo plugin - WordFileMBS class

There’s also a built in WordApplication object but this would require Word to be installed and only works on Windows: https://documentation.xojo.com/api/windows/wordapplication.html

The only issue is really output as Word — would a CSV, tab-delimited or PDF be OK as an alternative?

  1. Uploading is OK with the WebFileUploader,
  2. parsing a CSV file is straightforward and there are free methods to read/write them,
  3. parsing an XLSX file may require a paid plugin,
  4. displaying the data in a ListBox is OK as long as it is not too wide or long (gets slow and funky),
  5. rejigging the ListBox is up to you,
  6. out putting a ListBox to CSV or tab-delimited is trivial, if to PDF I would create an HTML table then use the free wkHTML2PDF,
  7. to download the file is trivial, but I suggest you zip it first which may involve a system call or a paid plugin.