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Was wondering what possibilities there are for my web app to interact via email ? In particular I want to process incoming messages (think of a service account per client instance operating like support tickets - where replies above the line are retrieved).

So I have code for POP and IMAP but do not want to set up a dedicated mail server but I also want the email to have my domain.

Like I say, this isn’t for a traditional email box but rather to receive and parse out emails coming to something like this:

Client Instance Email 6452436@mydomain.com

What options do I have to achieve something like this ?

Thanks in advance

MBS Xojo CURL Plugin comes with examples for receiving emails via IMAP.
And you can use the CURLEmailMBS class to send email where the plugin assembles the email based on your data.

Thanks Christian but I don’t think you read my question fully. I said I already know how to do this - so that is not the question here. The question is what options do I have without setting up a mail server myself whilst still wanting the emails involved to have my domain ?

Talk to your web Hoster.
Mine does offer email with domains you have with them.

PS: Sorry, it is Kate here.

Thanks but yeh - believe that is shared hosting generally. I have a VPS and might need to pay for cPanel to get that.

Interested to hear of others’ experiences on this (ie when not using shared hosting).

cPanel doesn’t do anything that your VPS can’t already do, it’s just a series of scripts that bung a GUI on top of a Linux distro.

I suspect you already have a working mail system in place on your VPS but aren’t aware.

If not then you can get mail anywhere and just change your DNS to point the MX record where you need it.

Thanks Rod but I did investigate. VPS on Digital Ocean. Two articles relating to email on DO (and from these I’m pretty sure mail is not set up nor have I installed a mail server):

Followed more recently by the cPanel webmail suggestion article:

Which distro did you use? Installing cPanel is like buying a restaurant because you want a fork.

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CentOS. Trust me I’d really rather not install anything :grinning:

I just want to send and receive (and parse) em ails sent to and from nominal email addresses under my domain and a bonus would be receiving notifications of new mails (eg web hook) rather than pollong.

Would be ideal not to have a thurd party service but if th ats pretty much tge only way without installing a mail server then so be it.

I did have a bruef look at Goigle Suite but my word how unnecessarily complicated is that IMHO.

I was literally just talking about this in another thread. I’ve setup my VPS with Postfix, Dovecot, Spamassassin, Clam, Amavis… the full suite. I’ve configured everything for SPF+DMARC+DKIM. It’s a whole boatload of work, and you’ll still have deliverability issues with Google and Outlook users. For the record, my server has never been blacklisted. Google and Microsoft spam systems are very aggressive and will treat a server with little reputation very poorly.

I spent countless hours tweaking my emails - none of them marketing, just things like password resets, called transactional emails - to get a better score with those filters, only to start having my emails delivered to junk in a few weeks.

I gave up and switched to using Postmark, after experimenting with SendGrid and MailGun. SG and MG still gave me deliverability issues, but Postmark has been phenomenal.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Let somebody else deliver your email. Even for somebody like me that has lots of experience in the area, Postmark has done a far better job than I ever could.

Thanks Thom and yes I have no intention of setting up a mail server. I quickly realised what a time pit it can be from even cursory research.

If you’re setting up a blank VPS then use Centos WebPanel. It’s free and typing one installer command will get you a VPS that’s easy to manage and has web and mail services ready from the get-go.


I would also recommend webmin, virtualmin on a CentOS system

I can recommend CentOS Web Panel if you’re using CentOS!

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That’s great thanks - I’m all over it :slight_smile:

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