Web app console: what is this ?

Hello everyone,

I read here and there that there is (would be ?) a Web app console. I just can’t find what it is.

The final goal is to run the Web app as a service, and I would like to write messages to a place where I can get them. At this time I use print(), that writes those messages to third logo at the bottom (wi-fi like icon) when in debug, but where will be going those messages when the app is in production ? That will run on Windows, would it go to a Windows Log ?


I think I got it. I created a build and started it. A black window appeared similar to cmd.exe and print() output appeared in this window.

Now if i make a service with the app, how can I access print() output ?

Create your own logging mechanism and write to SpecialFolder.SharedApplicationData. Create a folder there and write to a file inside that.