WEB 2: embedded fonts

I’m trying to build a web ui custom control, so it works, except it does not display its icons (fonts) because I don’t known how to load the fonts files (woff, woff2, etc)…
I used “SessionCSSURLs event handler” to load the css file, and so far it’s ok, but inside the css file the link to the font file “font / example.woff” is declared which in execution is not found …
how should i load the fonts?
Any suggestions is apriciaded

If the CSS references the font with a relative path you’ll have to serve the font from that path with either HandleURL or a reverse proxy configured to do so.

My app Lifeboat can help you configure nginx to serve Static Files.

If you serve the file with HandleURL you’ll need to include the font inside your web app. In the event handler you’ll need to check the Request.Path to see if the path matches that of the font file. The example project WebService-HandleURL.xojo_binary_project might help.

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