Web 2.0 WebPopupMenu in Rectangle

If a WebPopupMenu is in a Rectangle the Popup is view limited by the Rectangle. There for you can’t see all the choices.

Another bug?

You need to “unparent” the WebPopupMenu from the Rectangle.

I think there is still a bug that sometimes after Save/Load the “unparented” control will be “parented” again. Can’t search for it now.

How do you do that?

Right click on WebPopupMenu - Unparent

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This is the case: <https://xojo.com/issue/60161>

It is only marked ‘Reproducible’ haven’t been ‘Verified’ yet. No matter if you save in binary or text, as soon as you load your project again the WebPopupMenu will have the Rectangle as parent.

I reported this several months ago.

I just confirmed this, saving project and reloading it sets the parent back.

These bugs are ridiculous!

Subscribe to the bug reports, put them as favorites and contact support asking for fixes. There are a few “basic” bugs that will affect most users trying to use Web 2.0

You should NOT need to “unparent” the control this is a bug with the rectangle itself, its overflow content is clipped (but as usual, xojo could say that it is “by design”). So, the Feedback case needed is a new Feature request to add a property to the rectangle to change the Overflow behavior.

A work around is to change it with ExecuteJavaScript, it must be set to hidden by xojo, just change it to visible.

...style.overflow = "visible"

Sorry to not give you the code, but, with that ridiculous bug in the URL for debug the app, not having the keyboard shorcut to open the Dev Tools in Crhome, API 2 only, etc, etc. I dont even have Web 2.0 installed.

It really looks like a joke the current release :expressionless:

How do I do this.

Select the case, Menu Case > Add to Favorites.

I just did it.

If you’re not a tester then ask to be added. Then you can get out ahead of them while still in beta.