Web 2.0 Virtual SIG #3

Reminder to all the web 2.0 SIG will be meeting at 2:45 PM Central Time (same time as last one) on August 15


We will be talking about 2 subjects plus whatever comes up.

  1. Getting started building your on WebSKD tools. demo and code included!

  2. Just exactly when the hell the “Shown” and “Opened” events actually fire. You think you know? Try putting a container on a page and set it to visible=false, and then put a container in that container and then put another container on that and put a WebTextFiled set to visible =??? and Xojo gets downright weird/unpredictable. Underwriters Technologies has spent some time fooling with nightmare and we’d like to open the discussion with what we have ‘learned’ and to what anyone else has figured out.



Our main speaker for this months VSIG has had an unexpected matter come up.

We will skip this month and resume next month September 14.

Hi Jay,

Newcomer here – what precisely is the interest of this group, “web 2.0” in general, Xojo web apps in API 2.0? I assume the latter. Open membership?


Yes, And all are welcome.

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@Jay_Menna Was this event cancelled or is my memory hallucinating ? I thought it didn’t take place and was postponed, but I don’t find anything about this.



Hello, will there be a meeting September 14?