Web 2.0 SDK Documentation

Perhaps I am blind, but I don’t find the documentation for the new WebSDK?

It’s coming. I’m just not quite done with it.


In Web 2.0 there is no Super named WebControlWrapper, what should we use instead?

webuicontrol or webuivisualcontrol.

No. You should be using WebSDKControl and WebSDKUIControl.

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oups sorry memory not reliable !

Any update on this WebSDK ? any change to have it this year ?

So far on XOJO 2020R1.2 the WebSDK folder is empty .


The WebSDK docs will be delivered with 2020r2.

thanks for that , and what about Eddie’s electronics ? it is pending for quite a lot and I remember you said something about that coming in the next release, 1.2 came but still nothing there.

Be passionated: it is impossible for a group of ten people to serve this documentation within short time when still developing web 2.0.

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Thanks for the documentation. Will get testing!

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