Web 2.0 // Mouse Events & Key Events

A couple of weeks ago, I brought Mouse Events back to Xojo Web 2.0. There was some discussion on that thread, as well as throughout the forum, for the need of KeyDown. I’ve been able to bring KeyDown events back to Xojo Web 2.0!

Announcing TP_WebKit
As I hotfix things that people ask for, I’ll be adding them to a collection I’m calling TP_WebKit. I had considered taking the Patreon approach whereby developers could subscribe for a few dollars to keep me going. Ultimately, I decided that a single package price is simpler to understand.

TP_WebKey brings KeyDown events back to Xojo Web 2.0. Drop the control onto a WebPage or WebContainer and track the key events for that item. A ControlReady event is available so that developers can optionally track key presses as soon as they are ready.

TP_WebMouse sees an update that fixes a minor issue with Label control.

More info here: https://strawberrysw.com/tp-webkit/
Live demo here: https://webkit.xojo.dev

If you have any questions about the class please don’t hesitate to ask!

Best wishes,
Tim Parnell

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