Web 2.0: Me.Indicator = WebUIControl.Indicators.Success


Me.Indicator = WebUIControl.Indicators.Success

If I set the value of Indicator in the Opening or Shown events for any web control to any of the Indicators (Danger, Dark, Default, Info, Light, Link, Primary, Secondary, Success, Warning) - I see no change to the styling.

To be sure I even tried calling Me.UpdateBrowser but still nothing had changed.

I believe I am implementing this correctly - but perhaps not. Any tips?

Kind regards, Andrew

It really depends on which control you’re trying it on. The Indicator property is on WebUIControl, so every UI control has the property, but it may not be hooked up. As an example, doing what you’re describing works as expected (at least for me) with WebButton, while doing the same for the WebListBox does not work as it’s not implemented.

Looks like, from a quick test, if it doesn’t expose the Indicator property in the inspector, it’s not supported.

Thanks @Anthony_G_Cyphers,

You are correct.

I was trying to set the Indicator property for the WebSlider to indicate Success, Warning and Danger values ranges, however the Indicator property is not exposed in the inspector.

I’m a bit surprised the Indicator property is not exposed for the WebTextField for use with forms based data validation.

I’ll work around it.

Thanks Anthony.

Kind regards, Andrew

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Happy to help, Andrew!

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