Web 2.0 Listbox Scrolling Issue

I’m using the following in the opening event of a Web 2.0 Listbox to achieve cells with the required vertical size.

Var row, col as Integer

me.ColumnCount = 3
me.Height = 380

For Row = 0 to 20
  style = New WebStyle
  Style.Value("padding-top") = "0"
  Style.Value("padding-bottom") = "0"
  Style.Value("padding-left") = "2"
  For col = 0 to 2
    Var cellRenderer As New WebListBoxStyleRenderer(style, "Hello World!")
    cellRenderer.CellOnly = True
    Me.CellValueAt(row,col) = cellRenderer

The results are as expected:

Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 6.34.31 PM

But when I scroll down it appears like this:


Upon investigation I found the culprit here:

If I make the following change using the browser inspector I get the desired result:


Anyone have any idea how I can change this parameter from my Xojo code?

Geoff, Greg any thoughts on making this change in the native control so CSS padding can easily be used in the future ??



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Create a feature request. I’m sure Greg can evaluate if the change can be done.

Done. Thanks.

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You should post the link to the feedback report here so that people can sign up to it - after all that is a rather … :thinking: … unfortunate mistake …

Another good idea. Thanks.


Fun Fact: There are 167 open items if you search for ‘weblistbox’ in feedback.

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Weblistbox is probably the most-used component in webapp development. It is for sure in my case. As far as I know most of us use Xojo web for Webapp development NOT for Website development. In some respects I believe they’ve taken some steps in the wrong direction especially for a RAD tool. I like having better access to CSS settings but Web 1.0 was a much more efficient tool for building business applications. Let’s hope after the release of Android that Web 2.0 gets the love it deserves. :wink:

Well, I think that 2/3 of that is from web 1.0, lots of bugs that are not going to be solved in the abandoned platform. But still, like 50 open feedback cases for a single control is an eye opener.

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That and the fact that the bug base is so full of junk, nobody has cleaned out the Web 1.0 requests and bugs. It all stems from the fact that the theory of “bug base” is good but the successful execution is lacking.


You are right. It is critical. That is exactly why it should be as well made as possible.

I waited for long for a good weblistbox, then I made a websdkcontrol with a bootstrap table.
works fine, I can fix almost everything and I’m happy with it
I even have only one control with all the sql access to the database.
this made me late by 2 months in my planning but now I have something I want
the only thing to code is the pagination system for long lists.
for now I don’t need it but it may come.

I’m now making a control to have a small text editor for the textarea.
Capture d’écran 2021-11-04 à 16.39.16
I need some methods to convert rtf to html and back.
styledtext is not available for xojo web…

if you need a good listbox you should buy graffiti suite it’s all in.

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I bought a license for Graffiti but found the load times in the IDE we’re borderline untenable and I didn’t have time to break up the resources to only the two or three that I actually needed (although I assume that’s possible). Very robust product though.

what I like very much with my websdkcontrol is that it is very fast. some 10x the weblistbox…
may be it will slowdown once I have incorporated the pagination methods.
I can still use the standard weblistbox if I need long lists, and mine for shorter lists but with infinite possible options…
I did not buy graffiti, but heard by some forum users that it feels slow effectively.

I noticed that the main slowdown in the IDE comes from the DrawControlInLayoutEditor event.
if you remove it, the control will look only like a rectangle in the IDE, but it will be faster as hell.

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pagination as its basic form just makes one round trip for the new page data. If you have your pages small, you can percieve it even faster than loading all the content.

Just wondering if anyone has come up with a solution for this as we have moved along in Xojo versions. I have seen this and not found a solution for the problem in Xojo 2022r1.1 (56814)… TIA

If you keep paying for a product that is not working… they are going to keep delivering what you are paying for…

For me the only “workaround” to the many problems in the Listbox, is using a custom one in Web 1.0

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I have used Web 1 in hyper-critical, can-not-fail projects like on-air broadcast television since 2010. Not too long ago I attempted to begin a robust new project using Web 2. After wasting several weeks attempting to create workarounds I purchased a license to Graffiti Suite. No dispersion toward that product but after another torturous week I finally reverted to Web 1. It was like coming home to a reliable old friend. Other than the well-discussed limitations of style editing Web 1 is a great, easy to use product. I remember the Xojo, Real Studio ads; No need to learn CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc. to build rock solid web applications. Web 1 solidly delivered on that promise. Web 2 totally trashed that promise. My suggestion to Xojo, come out with a totally separate product based on Web 1. Call it “RealWeb”, because even the early Real Studio version of Web 1 was much more usable/valuable to your long-time developer, proponents (like me) than this turkey you call Web 2 !!


Maybe that is not their target audience anymore. I saw many users asking for bug fixes and technology improvements… Xojo did whatever but what users were asking for

Ivan. If you’re suggesting Xojo will ever be able to compete with the multitude of pure web development tools out there I strongly disagree. Web 1 was a solid, easy to use RAD development tool for creating web applications. There was/is no real competition for it in that specific market. Attempting to compete in another otherwise totally saturated market while abandoning their loyal customer base, well in my humble opinion that’s just a fools errand. I’d pay real money for a separate, well supported RAD tool based on Web 1 and from what I’ve heard/read I’m not alone.