Web 2.0 is there a way to get Mouse Events running for Canvas

I have tons of applications wich are in the need of Mouse pressed events to get the Mouse position when presssing relative to the canvas I am using. With Web 2.0 this feature is gone. Is there any chance to get the Mouse control event running, do I have the chance to define this event byself? Thanks.

Don’t use 2020r1, but wait for 2020r2.


Thanks to you, yes I wanted to knoiw if there will be any chance cause I do not beleave that there will be a 2019r3.3 or r4. That means: I have to switch as fast as I can to get away from the Javascript Errormessages. So: I am looking for alternatives to use the new Build for a new project. And the 2.0 is in a few month. I have Projects with a market time of 7 years so I can not really wait with the IDE afterall will not be updated. And I have to rewrite tons of code for 2.0 so…I try to save my Work.

Web 1.0 is now defunct. You will not see updates or fixes for it.

What javascript errors are you encountering? Do you have specific feedback cases?

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There is an Errormessage in a nice, black window witch is coming up every now and than and ends the app. There is no Javascript as custom script in the app, there is a known Bus in xojo Web 1.0 wich whas never corrected. Like the known Bug that Client Time is giving back always server time…also never corrected. So: I have several problems. The most important ones are: Mouse Control and Errormessages.

Which kind of error message you get?
I’ve many web 1.0 application running without problems.
Maybe it’s something known that can be solved without waiting for web > 1.0 ?

It is a known errormessage since 2016 and was Never fixed by xojo

And what is this known errormessage?
My web 1.0 don’t show any errormessage.
For sure there are many way to create javascript error messages caused by application code.

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Nope it is a known error and not fixed by xojo since a long time. The message is coming up when Synchronisation behaves different to xojos ideas when writing the api. At the end I have to live with and rewrite complete with java

Ok, this must be a secret.

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No ist is not. Feedback is written many times and ignored

Good, keep your error!

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It would certainly be more helpful to provide feedback case numbers to reference rather than just saying things are a known bug and ignored. And there can be many reasons to “ignore” a “known bug”. If the feedback case is confirmed, you have assigned points to it?

I mean these are rhetorical questions – I don’t personally have experience with web 1.0 projects so I can’t directly comment on any “known error”. Just suggesting that providing feedback case numbers is much more helpful than vague mentions of error messages without saying exactly what the message says.

Edit: Proofread correction of word in last sentence.

Thats not the Point by the way. Anyhow it will not be updated

I think there is an opportunity here for a third party solution that provides this functionality. At least until Xojo gets around to implementing it.

Well, since it has more than one post ranting about a mistical error but not showing the suposed error, could be just that he is doing something wrong

This is a fairly radical change. I understand Thorsten’s reaction and he’s got a right to rant a little. But let’s focus on positive solutions. From what I’ve seen of the WebSDK, it seems like someone with a little more expertise than me should be able to implement some additional events to ease the transition. Anybody?

Only to Vorrecht: one post about the error. The others describing my Situation. But yeah, I’ll stop ranting and using xojo. The only way it seams

The docs for it are not ready yet…

Thanks for Answering Derk J. Yes there will be the Docs later. But it would be so nice to be able to do something…have a nice weekend and thanks for answering