Web 2.0 is awful and web 1.0 is NOT supported

Today’s comments from clients:

“when I am in, it is either not accepting clicks or moving extremely slow.”

“Literally click the button for the skill…10 secs…then the drop comes down…click the skill…5-10 sec before it shows up, and so on."

weblistboxes don’t work at all in web 2.0. Buttons are not formattable, etc. so I had to fake buttons with labels and use numerous containers for list boxes, etc. Every mouse and key down event is gone . . .

Plus, there has not been a single Web 1.0 update after the introduction of web 2.0, ever.

Am I doing something wrong or do y’all agree?


Moved to the Web channel.

AFAIK there will never be a Web 1.0 update anymore. You could decide to use version 2019R1.1 to create your Web 1.0 project and deal with it as is.

Xojo themselves said Yes, We Still Support Your Web 1.0 Projects – Xojo Programming Blog

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There’s “support” and then there is “support” … :roll_eyes: … or in other words: “What you need and what you get might be two very different things …”

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What’s that mean Kem?

They haven’t even fixed the debug URL: It’s still %22http//

It means that for organization purposes the discussion was moved to the Web channel from wherever it was originally posted.

If you are having issues with Web (1.0 or 2.0) please reach out to our Technical Support team for help.


For what? Tech Support doesn’t help. I spent years asking for a feature they never even bothered to look into.


Well, Tech Support is there to help you with your projects, not implement new features. What is the case # for the new feature you are talking about? I’d be happy to look into it and find out what I can about it.

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He means that you posted this to the wrong category and he moved it to the correct one.

[or fix bugs] … and “Tech Support” is what was promised in the blog post linked by Tim. So don’t expect any bug fixes from Xojo …

Web 1 is dead and buried.

Web 2 is ok if you can run it locally but over the internet might be a different story. Many Pros decided Web 2 is not suitable for their needs (the slow response times as everything is done on the server and often needs multiple round trips was their main gripe as well) and moved to other tools …


@Markus_Winter, I’m not here to argue semantics with you. I am offering what assistance I can to John, in this thread he started, regarding the case he mentioned.

If you want to generally rant about Xojo and be antagonistic, that is not what this thread or this forum is for.

Before you reply think of the guidelines. “Write posts and comments that make this forum a helpful and inclusive place.”

They can be reviewed here: Forum Guidelines - Xojo Programming Forum

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… and I’m answering his questions.

That Web 2 has a speed problem due to the design decision to do everything on the server might be unknown and an unpleasant surprise to newbies, but can hardly be counted as a rant.

As I pointed out if he can use Web 2 locally then he might be ok.

But it is also a fact that many Pros left because that design decision made Xojo Web 2 unsuitable for their needs.

So providing answers and facts is considered “ranting” now?

In case you missed it: FOUR Xojo MVPs / moderators (Kem, Anthony, Dana, you) chipped in on moving the thread to the web channel - none dealt with the posters question.

:thinking: … well, I guess that counts as “technical support” then … :grin:

P.S. If I would be antagonistic then I might point out that your last post was neither helpful nor inclusive :joy:

But I guess that will get me banned again as you are a humourless lot and VERY thin skinned … but at least I was “inclusive” and mentioned all of those “technical support people” … :roll_eyes:

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Jason will contact you directly, @John_Scanlan. No, @Markus_Winter, you haven’t been banned, but I am locking this thread as it is going nowhere.