Web 2.0 : is a vertical webtoolbar possible (or planned)?

or do we have to use webcontainers to mimic a vertical navbar ?

I would like to mimic something like this

also how to set a small logo at the top left ?
when I use an imageview, it gets recovered by the toolbar at runtime.

I think that the idea for the Toolbar is to automatically adjust to the device width, so I don’t think it will be a vertical option available. Maybe a different control for that.

For now the Toolbar is fixed at the top of the screen, I guess that is the only way it will work. You will need to put your small logo on the Toolbar.

Edit: when I said ‘put your small logo on the Toolbar’ I tried to say this:

the small logo over the toolbar does not work, it is covered at runtime by the toolbar !
if I move the toolbar to the right, it extends to the left at runtime too…

Put the logo on the toolbar as a Title. There’s also an icon for the toolbar.

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We’ve gotten a couple of verbal requests for a vertical toolbar. If you want to see such a control, put it in Feedback!

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the icon is too small.
to put it in the title, you mean I store the SVG format of the picture I want in the title property of the toolbar ?

it could be replaced with a TabPanel if you could put the labels on the left side ?

Ah, your logo isn’t square then. Usually when I think of icons, I immediately think of an app icon.

Ok, so then at the moment you won’t be able to use the toolbar to display that because of a text encoding bug (that’s already been fixed). Once it’s available, you might be able to use the tag to insert a non-square image instead of the caption.

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I did this with Web 1.0, seems like you could do the same in Web 2.0. Not it is not responsive.

It’s on Github, if you want to have a look.

@James_Dooley: I’ve already seen this huge project of yours.
many thanks for giving it to the community !
I would like to start from scratch with web 2.0
in your project, the underground classes are quite huge also.

When there is a stable production ready version of 2.0 available, I’ll look at doing an upgrade put not until them.

Creating a WebContainer with the FlexLayout is probably the easiest way to create a Vertical Toolbar Currently. And then you can do things the current toolbar doesn’t support like having nested WebContainers in the toolbar as controls

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I’d love to see the toolbar be able to become a menu icon in the upper left hand screen when used on a phone or other small screen… I could theoretically do that with a lot of programming and CSS and building the menu twice :wink: But the whole idea of “responsive” design should make it automatic with the control…

It actually already does this. It turns into a hamburger menu

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You know this already exists…automatically.

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does any of you have an example project for this ?

I used a rectangle logo and it automatically scaled but at 30 pixels wide its just too small to be readable. I haven’t successfully been able to figure out how to make the Toolbar taller in the Bootstrap CSS or the Iconwidth/height bigger than 30 pixels. The few CSS editors that I have found are not very good at saving a usable file. I’m starting with https://bootswatch.com/spacelab/ and many of the editors spit out garbage .min.css that doesn’t run correctly in Xojo. I played with this stuff a large part of the weekend and the only positive results I’ve gotten is from manually editing, but stuff I change often doesn’t seem to change the resulting behavior.