Web 2.0 Git Users

We are seeing the PAGE titles are reverting to “Untitled” a on a sporadic basis.

We do not know the cause and we cant reproduce at will…yet.

We do check a lot of code in and out of GITLAB. Is anyone seeing this, or anything similar that would help us in isolating this.

I haven not seen that behaviour. But I’m a sample of one so take my comment for what it’s worth

It could be specific to your Xojo version, or users mixing versions.

To illustrate, let’s pretend that R3 changes the Title property to PageTitle, you save and commit. When someone else on the team using R2 opens the project, R2 goes “whut?” and defaults to “Untitled”.

It may be necessary, and probably helpful, to narrow down little details like that.

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If you save the project, does the title change appear in the git diff? I’ve been trying to reproduce this jumping between versions, without luck.

Could be this one maybe? Issue #64630

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I’ve checked #64630 and there was an issue with subclassed WebPages. It should be fine in 2022r4.