Web 2.0 - date 3 fields?

Dear, I don’t know if there is already some code in the forum to control the date in three fields?.


Estimados, no se si ya existe en el foro algún código para controlar la fecha en tres campos?.
Se hace mucho más simple a la hora de una fecha de nacimiento que poner un calendario.

The WebDatePicker control has an option to “AllowKeyboardEntry” that allows the user to enter their birthdate directly.

Yes, it’s what I use now, but I can’t perform the same controls when typing, a combo/list style selection is preferable, plus it looks better.

I used a similar combo box design in a VB6 application several years ago. I had to deal with a large error rate in date entries. After I switched to a date picker, the error rate fell to almost nothing. Despite fields being clearly identified, users would enter 5-6-1999 equally for May 6 1999 or June 5 1999. This is the kind of error that a date picker removes. Also, I now always display dates in ISO format (SQL Date format). This helps to further remove any ambiguity.

You know your target users better than we do, but as a general rule date pickers will virtually eliminate date entry errors.

Correct, that’s why three list-style fields that can only be selected correctly, without the possibility that they are making mistakes, I think that would be the best.
iOS or Android style.

I don’t have experience with the iOS/Android dates, what happens when you change from 12-Octubre-1933 to 30-Octubre-1933 and then change Octubre to Febrero?

If you have an October 30 and you change to February when you release it changes you to the last day of that Month for that Year, example:
October 30, 2021 changes month to February 2021 it puts 28, but also if you are in February 2020 it goes to 29.
In other words, when the month is selected, it controls the selected day and if it is greater than the month, it changes the day to the greater one.
*I don’t know if I was clear, use a translator.

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I have tried to use WebPopupMenu to simulate this component, but I would like the list that it shows on the screen to be smaller. Today it shows a certain amount of items (quite a lot) and then when there is more one it slides, what I would like is that the list that it shows at the beginning is smaller (later I will slide more) in the style of mobile applications as I mentioned before, any ideas? .