Web 2.0 Bootstrap Themes that WYSIWYG in the IDE

I’ve tried the xojo recommended https://bootswatch.com/ and they all render very poorly in the IDE.

Half cut off button captions, cant see border, etc.

I’m looking for something that is not FlatUI and renders well in the IDE.

Are there any that work 100% besides the xojo default?


My guess is that those Themes are Bootstrap 5.x, Xojo needs 4.x

Edit: downloaded one and the code say:

  • Bootstrap v5.2.3 (https://getbootstrap.com/)
  • Copyright 2011-2022 The Bootstrap Authors
  • Copyright 2011-2022 Twitter, Inc.
  • Licensed under MIT (https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/blob/main/LICENSE)

Edit2: you can upvote this Feature Request if you like
#68505 - Web: Update Bootstrap to latest version (5.1.3 as of now)

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Thanks for pointing that out! All these themes look the same these days… My quest for a button that looks like a button will be shelved.

You can try: https://bootswatch.com/4/

Alberto, you’re awesome, I am made whole.

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