Web 2.0 autocomplete API 1.0 to 2.0

I understand that Web 2.0 will be API 2.0 only. There is a request <https://xojo.com/issue/58214> for a preference setting to show deprecated stuff.

I bet many programmers using Xojo for Web applications are used to API 1.0 and it will make the transition easier if there is a preference setting to show API 1.0 too when you press TAB, the only difference with current way the IDE works is that selecting a deprecated property that property is selected and not the API 2.0 one.

For Web 2.0 it will be needed that if we press TAB and see:

and select that, we get Tooltip and not HelpTag

Of course, the preference should be set to “show API 2.0 only” that way new users will not get confused, but for users that have been using Xojo Web for many years having a preference like: “show API 1.0/2.0 and get API 2.0 value” will be very handy.

I know this may be hard to do and you can’t delay Web 2.0 much longer, just an idea.

The reason we can do this for desktop controls is that the old API 1.0 methods physically exist. In Web 2.0 that’s not the case.

What does “physically exist” mean for code?

Thank you Greg for your answer. I understand Web 2.0 will not have API 1.0 methods and my request is different than what you have for Desktop, let my try to explain further.

What this request is: a “cheat sheet” for people that are used to use API 1.0 for Web development with Xojo Web.

Maybe there is no easy way for you to deliver, my idea is to have a preference setting that displays the previous API 1.0 method along with API 2.0 one. Instead of the example above “HelpTag > Tooltip” it could list only the API 2.0 methods but the ones that changed from API 1.0 to API 2.0 display that, like:

Tooltip < HelpTag

and HelpTag will be in red, that way we can easily press Tab and see in red what we are used to working with and select the only method available.

So, if the preference is at default, pressing Tab will only show:

Hint MaximumCharactersAllowed Tooltip
but if we change the setting to “allow autocomplete cheat sheet” then we can see something like:

Hint < CueText MaximumCharactersAllowed < LimitText Tooltip < HelpTag
with the word on the right in red.

Also if we add a line of code like this:


I guess we will get a compilation error because it doesn’t exist, but at least we can delete limittext and press TAB and we can look for limittext in red on the right side of the autocomplete cheat sheet and find MaximumCharactersAllowed.

What is the alternative for people that have used API 1.0 for years to find the API 2.0 equivalent in Web 2.0 projects? I guess Xojo2020r1 LR will not have the old API 1.0 methods for Web 2.0, the online reference will be updated too. So the only way will be to use Google and search for “xojo webtextfield.limittext” ?

I’m not asking to have a “supersmart” autocomplete that can change my code from:




if I have “Apply standardize format after ending line” preference.

Just a simple way to find the API 2.0 method to what I have used for years (API 1.0).