Web 2.0 app, action events do not fire on IOS (IPad)

I wrote an infoboard web application with a listbox, some buttons and a popupmenu. The listbox updates every 30 secs. Written in Xojo 2023r1.

It’s working flawlessly so far. On Linux, Windows, Android and Mac, no problems.
The client also want’s to use it on older IPads, but on them neither buttons, popupmenu nor listbox clicks trigger any action. Not on Safari or Opera (Firefox cannot be installed since IOS is below 10.4). The webpage is shown as it should, auto refresh works.

What am I missing here? Is the reason they are too old (even with an actual Opera)
? I don’t use apple mobile products, so my knowledge is very limited.

Do you have sample code or test server?

That way someone with a newer iPad can test and see if it is iOS related (old) or Ricardo can do something on Xojo side.

Hi Alberto.
It’s a medical webapp with a complex postgres database in the background. So demo isn’t really doable.
But should be easy enough to check. Just a 64-bit Windows (build on a Windows environment if that matters) webapp with a popupmenu and/or button and any sort of reaction when pressed or selected.

Hi Rolf,

I’m using an IOS device to work with a Win64 WebApp with no issues. We’ve certainly seen older versions of IOS showing issues so would suggest that would be a good start. I know Graffitisuite etc has a minimum version. for some buttons and UI elements so suspect Xojo has the same.

I’ve just double checked it and iOS 13 is the minimum version where the Pressed event will be fired. Both Safari and Chrome won’t be able to fire this event in iOS 12 or below.

What’s the iPad model? Maybe you can create a new Issue with the details to see if we can do something.

Ah, I see. Thank you for checking and pointing this out.
Well, since I don’t intend to rewrite that program to Web1 API1 I will insist they buy actual tablets (theirs are 7+ years old).

I’m really looking forward to disproving their arguments such as a) still look new and b) still run perfectly. We all know about this advice resistant kind… :crazy_face:

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I hope you manage to convince them. While we can do an effort to support those tablets, I don’t think they are receiving security updates on iOS 10 anymore, which is scary in an office.

100% agreed! No, please don’t invest further time in this but thank you for offering!
I hate it, too, having to trash functioning hardware (with phones/tablets it’s even worse), but that’s the way it is :roll_eyes:.

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