Web 1.0 WebListbox styles


I am pulling my hair over the styles for a WebLisbox. The goal is so simple: I don’t want to get any border at all weather in the header or the body. The best I can achieve is to get rid of borders between column, but I still get borders all around the header and body. I have tried setting top, bottom, left and right to None and width 0 and did not succeed.

Is there some way one can set the style of a Listbox in Web 1.0 ? Is there a book talking about the secrets of the WebListbox ?

Many thanks

You may define a style with left and right borders set to none, and assigned to listbox.columnstyle. You will have to assign the style to each of the columns that you want to customize in that way.

Give this CSS a try (in App > HTML Header property):

table.dataTable, table.dataTable th, table.dataTable td, table.dataTable thead, table.dataTable tbody {
  border: none;

No much secrets, it is a mediocre control, maybe a book about hacks to make it more usable but…

I abandoned the Listbox and made my own with container controls. One container for each row inside another container for the body inside another container for the whole table, with another containers for the paging and header.

You get full control over functionality and styles. And a s a bonus, even with all the overhead of the many containers, resizings, etc. It performs better that the “native” control :expressionless:

Ouch!, thought you were talking about Web 2.0 :see_no_evil: Gilles. I’ve just read “Web” and “Listbox” and completely missed the “1.0” portion in the middle.

I don’t think the CSS I’ve posted will work there.


assigning a specific style to cells is the way to go. I managed to get what I was looking for. It took some hours but it worked !