Web 1.0 IDE future?

From what I have read on another thread in another topic in this forum, Web 1.0 is not part of future IDEs. However the present IDE, especially on Linux, still needs some fixing. Obviously there’s no point having code forward compatibility if there is no IDE to run it in anyway. Will there be some back ports so that Web 1.0 projects don’t get orphaned? This is especially important if porting Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 is not recommended for a while…

There are lots and lots of threads on this over the last few weeks.

No, Xojo don’t support/patch previous versions.

It’s a real shame, most software companies give you notice before killing something so important, then provide updates for a while during the transition to help ease the pain. Web 2.0 is going to be dropped with little to no real notice as there will be no grace period where it’s deprecated but still receiving updates for other parts of the framework/IDE. Many of us have built our product/business on Web 1.0 and we will have to redo tons of work or just not update and live with all the bugs in Web 1.0 AND the IDE. Hurts to think about.

Nah, not true. As the Xojo Store states:


New features, such as Web 2.0, are distinct from “releases” which include fixes. These have always been part of a “renewal” for as long as I can remember, and the IDE for Web 1.0 licenced under subscription does need fixing.

Can we have some clarification from Xojo Inc please?

Any single release may include bug fixes and/or new features
You get 12 months of access to those releases as well as those made in the next 12 months

Not so Norman because “those releases” don’t yet exist at the time of sale. So…

A user presses the “Buy” button on Xojo’s home page, leading us to a promise of upgrades (plural) for 12 months. It goes on to say we will have access to new releases (plural) and new features (plural) during that time. There is no “and/or” at the time of contract formation, that is a question of delivery.

But my point is, there is no room for abandonment of the licenced software by Xojo Inc for at least 12 months after the sale. This is important because the end user community makes investment decisions based on this knowledge.

Sorry to put the hard word on but that’s the deal and has always been the deal as far as I am concerned.

I dont read it that way.
I’m pretty sure Xojo doesnt either.

You get the release that is current and ALL other releases made available for the next 12 months
If thats 0 - that was the deal
If you get 500 - that too was the deal

Otherwise you’d have to take it to some authority, court, etc and convince them of your position and then have it enforced

I’m sure good sense will prevail…

If you want clarification about your specific license situation please email me at hello@xojo.com. In general, yes you get access to any and all releases we put out in the 12 months following your date of purchase. Releases contain both new features and fixes, always. There is nothing we will release while your license is current that you would not get access to (as long as it’s included in your license). Since the release of Xojo, we’ve had multiple releases per year and we don’t plan for 2020 to be any different.

“But my point is, there is no room for abandonment of the licenced software by Xojo Inc for at least 12 months after the sale.”

We offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all licenses.

Thanks Alyssa, look forward to the fixes as usual.

You can open web 1 projects with the new release and there is some conversion done to upgrade the project to web 2 and I believe more is being done to assist with that.

ok Wayne, that may be true, but are we in ‘Testers’ ?, nope I did not realize so either (so apologies for out of class discussions), we can’t talk at all about a mythical Web 2.0.

therefore I revise my post thus and stick to the OP title ‘Web 1.0 IDE future’:-

Please, don’t be so naive (and I mean no disrespect), Norman has the correct answer.
Web 1.0 has been abandoned, this is a fact.
there will be no updates to it, no bug fixes.

Web 1.0 IDE has absolutely NO FUTURE AT ALL.
the whole web1.0 framework, IDE as you call it, has been completely, totally and utterly abandoned.
it will never have a single update.
no amount of bug reporting will ever get any fix.
There is nothing anyone can do to change this as it is company policy.
you are completely alone in dealing with it.
good luck.

BUT, you can still, without any issue continue to use Web 1.0 as a project forever and completely ignore any updates that happen, with the knowledge that you have the latest version and just get on with it? ignoring being screwed over by your favourite compiler company.

Unless you encounter a downright show stopper in Web 1.00, it is actually pretty mature.

I have apps that have been running smoothly since 2013, and they require very little maintenance, apart from some cosmetic touches.

If I need to maintain Web 1.00 apps, I can use 2019R3.1 or perhaps some previous version. I expect to do so in the coming years, and see no reason to move most of them to Web 2.00.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it :wink:

This has been sufficiently asked and answered. Locking.