Web 1.0 and responsiveness

Hello Xojoers,

I am creating a web App in Web 1.0 with 2019 R3.2. All is fine up to now, but the UX designer proposed a revised UX where a banner would be responsive. Is it possible to insert a responsive banner - in a WebContainer - that would be responsive, without having the entire page responsive ?

In this thread Google Fonts - Targets / Web - Xojo Programming Forum a solution to a different problem is to add to App.HTMLHeader. Would that work for me ? A single column is Ok for me.


Responsive means a whole lot of things.

What kind of behavior from the banner do you want ?

Please try to be specific.

It is possible to use an HTML style for any element of the UI. If you tell me what you want to do, I may be able to help.

Here the specific. I would like the banner image to scale with the width of the page - I should say the iframe displaying the Web App. The users will not play around adjusting the width of the page, but different display resolutions mean the frame will be scaled and I would like the banner to always be the width of the frame.


The simplest way to do what you want is to use Xojo’s WebPage.Resized event.

I am not sure what you mean by “banner image”, but any element can be made a percentage value of the webpage width.

Something like

Banner1.width = self.width * 0.8

The issue with Xojo is that there is no built in notion of image fill.

Resize the picture in Xojo.

Fine will try this.

Merci Michel