WE Standalone fatal error with SSL

Hi all,
Since WE SSL didn’t work with a key that has a passphrase I generated a self-signed certificate.
Sometimes the app launches but most of the time it crashes not ON launch but on the first connection made to the app.

It’s a LONG error message so … I’ll link to it…

Any idea how to fix this or what could cause it?
Again, it works if I don’t use SSL.

Hmm, Maybe I’m “hoppar över ån” too soon but I might have found something…

I had a PageSource on the entry page containing the following to set a wallpaper. This however contained a URL to a NON SSL image.
Could that have something to do with this? The app started to work after I removed this PageSource…

<style type="text/css">
#bckg {
<div id="bckg">&nbsp;</div>

First of all, try changing that URL to just:


and it should work either way.

Secondly… when you say “crashes…on the first connection” could you be more specific? Does the app actually crash or is there an error in the app’s error dialog? (The link you provided doesn’t work for me). Could you paste the first 5 lines of the error message?

It’s crashing as in the process no longer runs and the terminal window displays the following error message.

(first few lines)

/var/www/admin# *** glibc detected *** /var/www/admin/rpadmin: invalid fastbin entry (free): 0x09da7d68 ***
======= Backtrace: =========
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/RBConsoleFramework.so(_ZN6stringaSERKS_+0x2c)[0xf72a92c4]
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/RBConsoleFramework.so(_Z15ConvertEncoding6stringm+0xf0)[0xf72e6ac6]
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/RBConsoleFramework.so(_ZNK6string13GetUTF8StringEv+0x43)[0xf72a9a03]
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/RBConsoleFramework.so(_ZNK9StringMapIP12PropertyInfoE8GetEntryERK6stringRS1_+0x32)[0xf72a5e3c]
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/RBConsoleFramework.so(+0xe1011)[0xf729f011]
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/RBConsoleFramework.so(_Z19REALGetPropValueIntP13RuntimeObjectPKcPl+0x37)[0xf72a49f7]
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/SSLSocket.so(_Z16REALGetPropValueP16REALobjectStructPKcPl+0x26)[0xf654f626]
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/SSLSocket.so(TCPSocket_GetBytesLeftToSend+0x24)[0xf654b434]
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/SSLSocket.so(+0x5ee6b)[0xf6548e6b]
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/SSLSocket.so(+0x5f4a3)[0xf65494a3]

[quote=90715:@Greg O’Lone]First of all, try changing that URL to just:


and it should work either way.[/quote]

This generated the following error. The process still runs but can’t be accessed through a browser.

*** glibc detected *** /var/www/admin/rpadmin: malloc(): memory corruption (fast): 0x0822924f ***

So the URL that is in your style, does that point back to the app? or another URL somewhere else?

A totally different server :slight_smile:

Do me a favor and see if any PageSource causes this issue, even one that has no code in it. If you still need this capability, you may be able to do the same thing using the WebSDK which will give you a little more control.

Here’s the whole message: http://textuploader.com/9kc5
I’ll check that!

An Empty PageSource gives the following error and crash. Seems similar to the first one :wink:

*** glibc detected *** /var/www/admin/rpadmin: invalid fastbin entry (free): 0x08fb0730 ***
======= Backtrace: =========
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/RBConsoleFramework.so(_ZN6stringaSERKS_+0x2c)[0xf735b2c4]
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/RBConsoleFramework.so(_Z15ConvertEncoding6stringm+0xf0)[0xf7398ac6]
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/RBConsoleFramework.so(_ZNK6string13GetUTF8StringEv+0x43)[0xf735ba03]
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/RBConsoleFramework.so(_ZNK9StringMapIP12PropertyInfoE8GetEntryERK6stringRS1_+0x32)[0xf7357e3c]
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/RBConsoleFramework.so(+0xe1011)[0xf7351011]
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/RBConsoleFramework.so(_Z19REALGetPropValueIntP13RuntimeObjectPKcPl+0x37)[0xf73569f7]
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/SSLSocket.so(_Z16REALGetPropValueP16REALobjectStructPKcPl+0x26)[0xf6603626]
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/SSLSocket.so(TCPSocket_GetBytesLeftToSend+0x24)[0xf65ff434]
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/SSLSocket.so(+0x5ee6b)[0xf65fce6b]
/var/www/admin/rpadmin Libs/SSLSocket.so(+0x5f4a3)[0xf65fd4a3]

So I guess the conclusion is that PageSources don’t work in WE Standalone SSL… :confused:
Thanks for helping out Greg :slight_smile:

Could you file a bug report about that? I can’t think of any reason that shouldn’t work.

I’m giving up.
After I built the app again without the PageSource it still crashes.

They don’t seem to have anything to do with this as you said.

Some times this error comes up instead…(I’ve reported this earlier)

Runtime Error
Please report what caused this error along with the information below.
Universal/REALstring.cpp: 207
Failure Condition: usageCount

ok, so we’re back to a hard crash for some reason when a user connects. Does it do this in debug mode on your computer? If so, put a breakpoint in Session.Open and Session.PrepareSession and see if either of those are triggered before the crash occurs.

Nope, Only when built and run on the server.
Built with 13r3.3.
Target: Linux

Build on OS X.

Getting this every fifth try or so now.

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

After literally about 15 app launches(same build) I could finally connect!
I don’t dare to shut the app down again! ;-D