WE & Sending email

I’m on a roll today (posting messages) :wink:

I am now trying to send email with my web app. All the examples are for Desktop apps and use a socket object from the library dragged-n-droped onto a form. I don’t think that is possible with a web app.

So what is the right way to instance a socket and use it? I can create the object and use it. But it seems to do nothing and no errors. So I was looking for a way to catch the mailsent event.

Oh Hey. I just dropped a generic object and based it on an SMTPSocket. It has the events I need. Does that sound correct?

Well. Maybe I spoke too soon. Everything about is seems right. EXCEPT for an error when building.

Location = “dlgRegister.regMailSocket.Name Layout (property name)”
Issue = “Parameters are not compatible with this function Name”


In this Blog I show how I send email via gmail from a web app. Just scroll down a bit.

Great blog post you have there, Wayne!


This helped me too but the syntax has changed slightly since this conversation was started.


Last two lines would be:

?App.theMailServer.Messages.Append msg?

Thanks for sharing this Wayne.