We app does not compile 2019r2 - Can't find ... name - Window

I opened a Web project in 2019r2 and complied which failed with this notice

[quote]An error has occurred while compiling this project.

Message: Can’t find a type with this name - window

File: MBS Xojo ComputerControl Plugin
Location: RemoteControlMBS.WinSendMessage
Code: ‘This is blank’[/quote]

Unless I missed it there is not the need to upgrade from an MBS that works with 2019r1.1 for it to work with 2019r2. So is there a need to update or do I need to make a settings change?


Yes. You need to update the plugins.

@Rick Araujo - Thanks. I must have missed that announcement. Upgrade here we come

MBS 19.4+ - Fixed declaration for WinSendMessage in RemoteControlMBS module.