WCC file uploader size

In 2013 R3, file uploads are all 0 bytes when received. Is this an issue with XOJO or WCC?

You should report issues Daniels controls to him.

Seems to be a naming conflict between his controls and this channel name. Maybe rename the channel to WebSDK?

My thoughts exactly. It’s been fixed.

It looks like WebRequest.GetParameter is broken in 2013r3 for POSTs to the special URL. It works for some input types but not for others. Not sure what the exact criteria is yet. I’ll do more testing and submit a bug report tomorrow.

Here’s the Feedback report with test project: <https://xojo.com/issue/29775>

The bug has been verified but not fixed.

Dave - if you’re still not in Feedback, the case has been marked as fixed. It still needs verification. Hopefully it will ship in the next release, but obviously no one can make that promise.

They still haven’t verified and shipped the fix. Someone from Xojo please correct me if wrong, but my understanding is that fix, verification, and shipment are 3 distinct phases. A fix isn’t actually available to us until it’s listed in the release notes for a Xojo build.