Want to be an IT Avenger?

What Avenger would you be as an IT professional?

I ended up to be Thor.


Beware it is a bit of a “sales pitch” around their certifications but cute.

I really wanted to be Iron Man. ;-))

Some days it’s the Hulk.

“Hi, do you think you can fix my…”

“Kem SMASH!!”

I was ‘Iron Man’.

Me too, ‘Iron Man’.

Iron Man :slight_smile:

Iron Man

also Iron Man…
and WHO did NOT pick Scarlet Johanson as a cube mate??? LOL

and when I say this I thought the title was “Want to be an IT Averager”… Hmm… I think I’m a bit above average :slight_smile:

Good question. The other choices weren’t even an option after that. :slight_smile:

There were other choices? Didn’t even notice them.

…and I was Iron Man as well.

Iron Man.

What the heck did Mark answer to be Thor?

Must have picked someone other than Scarlet.

Captain America :slight_smile:

Iron Man

I said Robert Downey, Jr. :slight_smile:

That dude would never shut up. Impossible to work.

Plus he would be WAY smarter… well at least Tony Stark would be

at least you could borrow an Iron Man suit for formal affairs :slight_smile:


I was Iron Man too… Picked Scarlett, but geek in me wanted to choose Robert Downey, Jr. She seems cool and he egotistic, but his Iron Man character is freaking awesome.