Waiting for something to finnish - Spinning wheel

On my web project we have a few things that take a few seconds to complete. I wanted to give the customer feedback to let them know something is already being done so they don’t start “clicking around”

I decided to use a spinning wheel, but not sure if the implementation is the best one.

We setup the wheel and basically trigger a timer that goes and checks if the actions is completed and if it does, then it stops the wheel. There has to be a better way to get the user to wait. and know that something is being done.


Pop a WebDialog, start a spinning wheel or a progress bar, keep it open a minimum time to it doesn’t seem like a flicker, close it when the processing is done. The WebDialog will keep them from clicking around.

Thanks Brad, I was thinking more among the lines of “what to do instead of a timer.”

Right now I have a timer checking to see if something is complete. Do we have callbacks on Xojo? Kind of new to it. I was thinking that I fire up the process, open the box and then have a callback when it is done.

What do you think?

You could just have the server initiate something like closing the dialog when it’s done. Basically, you’re just “pushing” an event to the client. With the way communication works now though, the Timer on that dialog will ensure it gets the message faster. Client doesn’t get anything from the server unless it makes some request, usually in response to some user event. If we ever get WebSockets back, that will change and the server framework could just send stuff to the client without waiting for a request.

Ok, So I’ll keep doing it the way I am doing it. Thanks for that.

Do you know if there is any way to implement callbacks on WE?

Not sure what you mean by “a callback”. What do you expect it to do?