Wait cursor or similar

What is a recommended way to show an indicator (mouse cursor change, dialog) when moving from one window to another, and it takes more than a few seconds to do so, I would like to let the user know that they did indeed press the button and that something is in process.

A change in the the mouse cursor does not immediately show if followed by opening and showing a new window.


Without knowing specifics of your situation, here’s one scenario…

User does an action which should open a window, window takes a long time before it appears. In this case, open the window immediately, initiate the long action with a timer and Open, let the window paint itself, show a modal dialog or sheet displaying progress of long task. Long task should be in a thread, if possible.

you can do this with a WebTimer. Use the WebTimer.Action event to execute the code that submits data and switches to another page. In the button’s Action event do something like:

self.Cursor = System.WebCursors.Wait WebTimer1.Mode = 1

This will set the cursor and then fire the webtimer (in a moment) which allows you to process while the user see’s the Wait cursor. I’d also suggest that you disable the button:

self.Cursor = System.WebCursors.Wait Me.Enabled = False WebTimer1.Mode = 1

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